dan brown’s new book – the secret of the k-word

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i saw this description about the book somewhere on the net. it was also published in the times of india on the 1st of april 2005 (i think) (or so it said on the site where i found it). so i dont know how authentic the article really is. but i found it really comical in nature.. and if this was a joke for the 1st of april, then all i can say is “hats off to the times of india”, and if it is not then i cant wait for the book to come out.

Kashmir, the bone of contention between India and Pakistan for over 50 years, belongs to the United States, claims Dan Brown in his soon to be released book ‘The Secret of the K-word’. Brown, the author of international bestseller ‘The Da Vinci Code’, said that by using spectroscopic analysis he discovered the original document over which the Instrument of Accession, signed by Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh and preserved in the National Archives New Delhi, was superimposed. The secret document reveals that Hari Singh was apprehensive of joining both India and Pakistan and covertly ceded Kashmir to the US. According to Brown, when the map of Kashmir is reversed it becomes similar with the US southern state of Kentucky. Talking to The Times of India by telephone, Brown said that he had employed an ancient Kabbalistic form of numerological interpretation to discover, “amazing co-relatives between Kashmir and Kentucky which could not be coincidence.” For instance, when the longitude of Frankfort (Kentucky’s capital) was divided by the latitude of Srinagar (Kashmir’s capital) the prime number obtained had the same numeric valency as Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which accords a special status to Kashmir. Brown described it as “one of the best hidden secrets in the modern world” and acknowledged that his book would “create a global furore” and “open many cans of worms”.


books books books…

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well it has been years (about 5 years to be more specific)since i have read so many books in such a short period of time (i finished about 11 books in about four and a half or five months). it was all an effort to make a statement to myself, that, once my passion which became a dying habit in a very short time, is now back and I couldn’t be happier. I just bought another book called “MERGER” by Sanjay Sanghoee. Its basically a story about the things that go on behind the scenes in the corporate world, all the corruption and the politics that exist. I have just finished about 30 pages, and so far its good (not excellent, just good).

Well it will be at least 2 more days before I can get into it again because I am right now reading another book called a beautiful mind, by sylvia nasar, the biography of John Nash. (yes the same book based on which the movie was made). It is a brilliant book, about a real great man. I have another 100 pages to go will take me a couple of days I guess (cos I read only in the night before I go to sleep).


I am also waiting to ask my friend for his copy of bourne supremacy which he has been reading for a couple of months (as far as my knowledge goes at least). I will write about “a beautiful mind” soon, also will write about “merger” in a few days. Keeping my fingers crossed about “merger” cos the previous two books that I read based on a similar backdrop turned out to be a disappointment. Let’s see how it turns out.

movies and movies : the story of my weekend

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ike I said earlier I was a little busy until a couple of days back. And once I had some time to spare well, I did what any one would do-watched movies. Well in the last two and a half days or so I have seen 5 movies. Well the list is as follows:

Day 1(sat I think):

X men 3 and a little of superman returns


Day 2 (sun):

Superman continued, and the da vinci code, and corporate (or bits and pieces of it from start to end, that’s cos I mostly saw it in the fast forward mode)


Day 3 (or rather evening 3- Monday)

Cars (well if you have no idea which movie this is go to Google and say “movie + cars”), wanted to watch “krissh” (but then decided not to, may be i’ll watch it today).


Well I guess you know the first 4 movies quiet well, cars is a Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios presentation. I must say pixar have outdone themselves again (when you think their animation can’t get any more real, they come up with something amazing). The animation in some scenes is amazingly realistic (that probably doesn’t make any sense now, but once you see the movie you will figure out what I an trying to say).

Coming to the movie itself, it is nice it has a sweet storyline; there is a lesson about life that is put in simple terms. (I am sure most have you have checked the reviews out but still …). The movie is about the flashy rooky race car all set to make it big attempting to win a prestigious championship and make big sponsorship deals. But on his course he gets lost and comes across the lost “Route 66” which was once a famous highway, and which leads him to a town called “Radiator springs”. The story goes on to show how his (the cars) experiences in the town changed him, and how in the process he changed the lives of the cars in radiator springs. It is a fun filled story with small twists and turns that makes it a treat to watch. It is not a very fast paced movie (like most of pixars previous ventures) but it does have its share of action. It is a must see for all kids, and the others will enjoy it equally too. So do catch this movie, and I am sure you will have a smile once you are done watching it.


long time again

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well i guess i should have named my blog “longtime .wordpress.com” instead of “thecsk.wordpress.com”  .

i do agree i have been very irregular with  posts (looking at the fact that the dates of my posts have been increasing exponentially.. from 1 week to almost 2 months).

well i had been a little caught up with some personal stuf.. but now i am back and will post regularly.. (i hope)

looooong time..

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its been really long since i wrote something.. well this is something i wrote on my own.. i was getting bugged dint know wat to write.. so i worte it.. long time since i had dome some writing work too.. so dont know how it has come out.. so do comment once you done with the reading.. i think it is safe for me to call it a poem…btw it is an original by me..

as i was walking alone on a cold breezy night

i felt suddenly a familiar tingle , the tingle of a familiar perfume

as i walked past a bench,i saw a mark i recognized,

a mark reading 'AA' engraved inside a small little heart,

a smile made its way on to my lips,as i recalled our conversation

this we said would be be the symbol of our love for today and for ever…

i remember the tear that rolled down your eyes as we carved out the symbol of our love…

"our love immortal" you said "our love immortal".

i feel like a stranger as i walk down the paths which belonged to us..

i recall the small shop at the end of the street where i waited for you.. with a rose in hand..

i throw a smile at the guy in the shop.. hoping he would return it,

but all i get is a stare ..

i look around, all this looks so familiar,

and yet i feel like a stranger so lost..

then, as if from nowhere a melody so familiar, so passionate reach my ears

as i turn around i see the old man with his violin, still playing..

as i get closer to sit by him, he stops and smiles at me..

"how is the lady" he asks, i just give him a smile,

as i say to my self "i wish i knew" "i wish…"

as i walk along i see a couple sitting holding each other… on the cold windy night

and i cant help but think back… you and me.. out dreams, promises, our "love"…

as these dreams slowly fade away and bring me back,

i realize i have walked a long way..

and i see the roses in my hand starting to get a little tired too..

so i tell them "hold on for just a little more.." "a lady awaits you"

as i say these words i feel a tear rolling down..and so i stop…

and the roses ask me "where is your beautiful lady"

as i lay them down i show them ..

a stone… a tombstone…

and inscribed on it…"anna" "the lady who made my dreams, my world"

as i feel the tears roll down the roses

i sit there on the cold night with my memories ..

with a smile on my face..

with anna..my lady, my love…


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The definition of an Ambigram n., – a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down. (from Latin: ambi=both + gram=letter)

As you can see above I have my name in the ambigram …. These are still crude.. but a real professional will be able to generate perfect ambigrams.

It is really fun to try and figure out ambigrams of your name or just for some word you like.. TRY IT OUT..

Below is another ambigram.. work of a professional.. the word is "GRAPHICS" Look at how the symmetry has been maintained. amazing right.


i will put a few more ambigrams after a while..

my autograph !!!!!

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Yesterday morning I had gone out towards Richmond road for some work. Well it was around 1.30 when I was coming back. On my way back I came via vidhana soudha. And as I was taking a left at the hotel (cant remember the name) near the GPO, and was going towards the chalukya hotel signal, I was overtaken by a nice looking car.. a Volkswagen beetle.. I knew it had to be an imported one cos we don’t get them here. So I decided to drive next to it and take a look inside the car.. its interiors. By the way I was driving my trusty old kinetic so my max speed was I am guessing 60 kmph..(and to go form 0 to 60 it takes like for ever..) so the car just kept speeding away. I finally caught up with it at the signal near golf course, but could not really pull right next to it.. so I stopped behind it.. the owner looked like a man in his early 40’s from what I could make out.. finally I pulled over next to the car at the next signal (just at the end of the Windsor manner road).

But believe me once I saw the person driving the car I lost interest in the car and was frantically looking for a piece of paper for an autograph. Cos the person was (ok not such a big celebrity) “lucky ali”. Well I like his songs, so I decided I would ask for an autograph. So right there at the signal I peeped into his window with a pen and paper in hand (I feel so stupid for doing that now though) and asked for an autograph (or I at least remember mumbling something about being a fan, and would love it if I got an autograph) so he took the paper and signed it for me..(nice man.. did it with a nice warm smile)..


Well my saga of stupidity still continues.. I realized (after the signal turned green) that I had a camera phone too..


But it was too late he had sped of into the distance even before my wonderful steed in white reached 40..

And one last thing .. has anyone had a personal driving experience with Donald in the drivers seat? Well if you have.. this man seems to be his guru..   😉