Ustad Zakhir Hussain and Pundit ShivKumar Sharma – live in concert

It was a normal friday, 27th of march (just about a week ago). I had just come back home from my class, at about 4 and was getting ready to go play some raquet ball. One of my roommates abhilash, suddenly says “today is the zakhir hussain concert, do you want to go?” We did discuss about it a couple of days before, and no one came to any decision and we just forgot about the concert … well until  then. SO there was a brief discussion (about 30 seconds) and we all decided to go ( my 3 roomates and I). Suddenly all four of us frantically start making calls –  to friends who might be interested and the car rental place which would close in a couple of hours. In the end about 11 of us were ready to leave. So we finally decide to go check out this car rental place dountown (no names), because that was closest. We walk in to the place at 505pm. We tell the wonderful lady at the counter that we would like to rent a medium sizer car. She says she is expecting a return any time, so she asks us to wait. But all of a sudden we hit upon the idea to reant an SUV if it does not cost us a lot more, So we go back and forth for about 15 miutes (still at the counter and a queue of people building up behind us) trying to decide between a SUV or a car. We finally decide on the car, not we start to go back and forth on how many days we should rent it for, then how many dirvers we should add and so on.. as the time closes in on 530 we finally make all the decisions and i get my card out and we rent a car for 3 days.

Oh an by the way the concert was to begin at 7.30 pm at a place called the University of the south, Sewanee. This place is about an hours drive from our place (about 70 miles). So we decide that as soon as we get the car we would leave, latest by 630 pm. We did not want to go late to the concert.

Now once all the signing and formalities are done, we start to wait on the car (abhilash and i). It is about 5.45 now, still no sign of the car, so abhilash says he will leave and on the way pick up another of my roomates (harkeerat) who was waiting downtown at the bank. Abhilash says its better if they go home and get ready in the meantime i can pick up the car and go home and get ready, as this will save time. A valid point, so thats what we did. While i was at the rental place, the rest of them were home getting ready.

It is now 6.10 and still no car, and the rental place closes at 6. The lady comes up to me and says they ran out of cars and are having one brought in from another branch (oh how smart.. rent out a car they dont have).. well finally at 620 i get the car, the lady tells me there is very little gas. YAY i am late and now a stop for gas as well.. best trip ever.

well i get home get ready and we finally leave by 645. We stop for gas, and get in our way. All of a sudden Sreesh, one more friend, travelling in another car to the same place calls up and says that the time on his phone just changed, and went back an hour, all of a sudden we realize that the place we are hedding to is in the central time zone one hour behind ours (EST), so we were actually early to the concert.

We reached there at about 6.45 (7.45 our time) with plenty of time to spare. we got seats in the third row.

The concert was really awesome, The place was breath taking as the pictures below show. We had an awesome concert, trip and had a really enjoyable time. The concert went on for about 2 hours and the we headed back on our way. The concert was enjoyable, it was the journey as well that made it that much more exciting…

A few pictures of the concert and the are below.


~ by thecsk on April 3, 2009.

One Response to “Ustad Zakhir Hussain and Pundit ShivKumar Sharma – live in concert”

  1. Tack Monica, naturligtvis hade jag fu00e5tt det hu00e4r dokumentet men efter champagnemingel med SVIV pu00e5 ambassaden fungerade nog inte hju00e4rnan 100% igu00e5r kvu00e4ll.nFamtidskom kommer su00e4kert med bra fu00f6rslag hur SWEA International ska kunna jobba lite lu00e4ttare. Det som kommer fu00f6rst i mina tankar att IO har en representant fu00f6r Europa, Asien och Amerika men det kanske snarare gu00f6r det mer tungrott. Denna person skulle vu00e4l sedan kunna representera Siv vid evenemang och hju00e4lpa henne med att fu00f6rberedanu00e4renden etc. fu00f6r olika mu00f6ten hon har med organisationer. u00c4r jag ute och cyklar?nJag tycker personligen att nu00e4r man tittar pu00e5 kansliets hemsida finns det su00e5u00e5 mycket dokument och handlingar att man blir fu00f6rskru00e4ckt.nVi har styrelsemu00f6te om en stund och sedan reser jag till UK och kommer inte hem fu00f6rru00e4n su00f6ndag kvu00e4ll. Tittar in pu00e5 forum och mail mu00e5ndag morgon. Click

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