the journey begins…..

It was the 5th of July 2007, around 8 o’clock. I was all ready to leave to the airport. My flight was at 1 am 6th July. But   I wanted to get there nice and early. So I went  to my neighbors place said my good bye’s and was all set waiting for the cab to come. We had asked him to come pick me up at 830pm. Well it was now 9 o’clock and no cab. I said to myself “hmmm a half hour late that’s not bad, good I asked him to come early”. I got a message form Donald one of my closest friends, that he wont be able to make it to the airport as he was not well. So I called him up and he told me the same thing that he is not well and it is cold outside and so he dint want to get worse. So, I said fine and he said wished me good bye and told me sab (sabarish) another really close friend, would come by the airport. So I disconnected the call and was all set to go. It was about 920pm now. I was getting a little panicky. So, to get my mind off all of that, I went and rechecked my bags, my documents, etc.  The clock was inching towards 945 now and I was really losing it now. I tried calling the taxi guy- no answer, the cab company office- no answer. At about 955pm, the cab slowly pulled into my drive way. When I asked the driver why he was late he told me that he actually thought it was 830am the next day, but he just glanced at his paper work at 840 and figured out that it was today and he was already late. (Just need to thank my lucky stars that he “glanced” or in his words “hogbekadre kanu time mele bithu”)

I said bye to my brother (which was the hardest part harder than saying bye to my parents), and tried to stuff the bags into the car but all my bags wouldn’t just fit because… well.. they sent me a small car….how lovely. Well I sat in the front with a huge bag in my lap, my parents had my check in bag and my laptop, and were in the back seat. In the car I almost blabbered meaninglessly the entire drive to the airport. (may be that was because I was really scared).  I finally got on my way at 1010pm.

While driving to the airport don sends me this sms saying he is at the airport waiting for me. So I just told him I am on my way . I reached the airport at 1055pm (amazing time considering the traffic) and I saw don standing at the international terminal.

As it takes a while to check in for an international flight I wanted to go in and get checked in at least an hour and half before the flight. (would have been 2.5 hrs, if not for the awesome cab driver). So I called sab and told him I was checking in. He responded (in a typical sab way) dude 10 minutes I am at the Leela signal (the Leela palace hotel). We all know sab’s famous 10 minutes I am there dude line right. Ya so about 18 long minutes go by (yeah I counted the minutes) and I call sab again, he say’s “ dude I am in the airport I will be there in two minutes” and soon enough I see is car coming down the drop off area. And he just pulled up right at the end of the drop off area and walked down to say bye and I cant remember his exact lines but it was something like dude I just had a drink and I think I am a little drunk, you cant smell it right or something to that effect.  He later told me he got late because he thought my flight was at 2 am as another of his friends  was leaving at the 2am flight.

So I said my good bye’s.  I got my parents blessings gave my dad and mom a hug, and got in to the check in line.

When I got to the counter the (“pleasant”) lady there said I cant have a back pack and a laptop case and a check in bag. So I got out all the stuff from my back pack and put it into my carryon bags. Later she told me that both my bags were overweight (I thought only one of them was). She suggested that instead of paying a overweight fee for both I could transfer some stuff from one of them to the other and just pay for one overweight bag. I thought “ok this is easy – just pull and shove” but they had already checked my bags and sealed the zippers so if I opened it I needed to get it checked again.  So I tore the seal off and right in the middle of the airport had my bags open and was pulling my clothes out.  Finally I get back to the counter only to find out I am short of money to pay for the extra weight. So I walk out and get some cash from my dad (cos apparently they don’t accept card in an “international” airport).

I come back through the security check and all the stuff and finally get up to the immigration table and I notice in all the confusion I forgot to fill the form up. So the man at the desk (again “pleasantly”) tells me to fill it up. Finally I go into the lobby and make it with just about 20 mins to spare. So I run down to the boarding line only to see that my flight has been delayed cos the previous flight passengers have not boarded and they were waiting for a “VIP”. My flight was delayed by 2 hours.

Finally as I got into the flight and sat at my “window” seat, I was joined by a software engineer going onsite for a while ( oh so cool a software guy going on site!!!! WOW  what a surprise 😀 ). 

But as the flight slowly began to pull away, and head towards the take off, I could not stop myself from wondering how my life will turn out to be and how badly I would miss home parents and friends (this was the first time I was leaving home).

But much to my disappointment there was no hugging and crying and huge good byes.. no lover running up to the plane and saying “sashi main thume dil aur jaan se pyar krathi hoon.. I will be waiting for you at this very airport when you get back. (dam movies lie a lot…).

But as the plane took off I did feel a little scared and overwhelmed emotionally, not sure if it was because I was not sure of what to expect going into an unfamiliar place alone or if it was the feeling of finally jumping into life head on……or if it was just simply that I had already started missing family and friends and a familiar place I loved and which had become a part of my soul …. A place called Home.   



~ by thecsk on June 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “the journey begins…..”

  1. Hmmmmm…..nice

  2. Nice writeup! why dont you write more frequently?

  3. hmmm..kinda got nostalgic… remember that night very well!!

  4. yup i can not forget that night man..

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