the traveler

As my travel came to an end

My thoughts wandered

Wandered towards the journey that brought me here,

Wondering where it would take me.

I travel new lands in search of my dreams,

My dreams, my goals, where they are i just dont know

So i travel, seeking  my goal, my destiny

I constantly ask myself, why , i have no knowledge of self, Why life seems a blur

As i begin to question it all,

I begin to realize, the dreams that i seek, the goals that i run after,

Are they where i began my journey?

Have i in search of self , left myself behind

Behind where my heart longs to be

I wonder as i wander along life 



~ by thecsk on August 12, 2007.

One Response to “the traveler”

  1. do you think having a goal in life is important??

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